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International PR

It could be said that all PR stories are international because of the internet. And that’s true to a certain extent.

But if you want to build a truly global brand, your products or services will benefit from coverage in the most distinguished press and broadcast media in the country you’re targeting. Without a deep understanding of the workings of that country’s media, however, it’s easy for your message to literally get lost in translation.

Whether you’re a multinational company looking to raise your profile in the UK, or a UK company that wants to gain coverage globally, a well-planned international PR campaign means the brand messaging, the creativity and the implementation is consistent across all markets. And that makes smart business sense.

My approach to International PR

I work closely with you to understand your target markets and business goals. Then I look for a dynamic, engaging story about your brand that appeals across borders, cultures and customs.

I use my global media contacts to carefully manage your PR activity across print, digital and broadcast, and ensure your brand message is consistent in all markets.

To date, PR Superstar has worked with international clients from China, Malaysia and Hong Kong, the US, Ireland, and Europe, and gained coverage in the likes of The FT, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, The New York Times, Time magazine, China Daily, The South China Morning Post, The Times of India, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Economist, Fox News, CNBC and CNN international.

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